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New Amp! Marshall JVM 205H

Sweet chunky growl. :-)
It works well with all four of our 4x12 cabs and compliments the JMP-1 and 9000 poweramp beautifully!

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Music for Picture!

Thanks to Fergus McCarthy and Lance Hogan, Westland Studios can now better cater for clients wanting to overdub music to picture.
Long Cables and the right box and 42" screen allows us to run high quality video anywhere in the live room on a big screen for players to immerse themselves in the film footage...

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Time to sell some cymbals!

We have too many cymbals, and we only need to keep the best ones for recording so the others will be up on adverts.ie shortly!

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Installing new gear

Simon helping connect up the new pre's an comps :-)

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Super hanz in studio with alwyn

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New amp!

It looks like nothing but the tone is superb. Think big sound condensed into a really creamy midrangey boxy but pleasant tone! Retro :-) literally, it's from the 50's. thanks to scan from deepsouthvintage.com

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Tris Dalton Mixing Noise Machine

Tris is in Westland mixing noise machine's album. Gritty!

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2012 & 2013

Westland Studios update

Well, the plan for 2012 was to have the studio so busy that it wouldn't matter that the SSL desk had to stay on 24/7 and costing me a fortune....
I can safely say mission accomplished!
More updates as soon as i can remember all the clients and new gear we acquired in 2012!
Just wait till you see what we bring in and Alwyn Walker and John O'Kelly churn out in 2013!!!!

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Purchased gear and new recent clients

Recently recording in Westland:
EMI France (Frederic Chateau), a few other celebrities (who I can't mention yet), The Twenty,
Ian O'Doherty, Jetset Radio, Sinside (Switzerland), Dichotomy, Chosen etc..
Recently Aquired gear:
- Waves Power Pack
- New Cymbals (Another A Custom crash & a Zildjian China
- Taye 13" Maple snare
- New Valves for a lot of the amps
- New Pickups and machine heads for 2 of the guitars (My Epi will fight your Gibbo)
- New Guitar amps:
1: ADA MP-1
2: Carlsbro 50 Top Combo
3: Trace Elliot GRP-3
It's 3:39 Am. I have better things to do than upload pics!
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