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Purchase of Drawmer 1960 dual tube mic pre & compressor

Recent purchase: Drawmer 1960 dual tube mic pre & compressor.
Drawmer 1960
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Purchase of Fender bassman 100W from 1972

Recent purchase: Fender Bassman 100W from 1972!! great on guitar and bass! (& a line 6 Flextone but don't tell anyone :-)
Fender Bassman
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Super Hanz & Phil Coulter

I'm working with a great young band called Super Hanz and last night we had the acclaimed songwriter and producer Phil Coulter in Westland.

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Classic Albums - Def Leppard - Hysteria

Rog (
where Phil points to our AMS DMX (my favourite delay unit)
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Risky Business

Recently had the lads from Risky Business in, as well as Sharon Corr, Brian Kennedy, Bressie and Kian from Westlife.
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Alwyn's Productions

Alwyn's productions:
Eazy Tyger have just released their album produced by Alwyn, called Earn Your Stripes.
Current projects include Saccade (Reekus Records), Chimpanbee (Ruby Music), The Rambleers, Satori Stream and Black Penny among others.
Other Clients/Engineering:
Recently we had Aslan in again, Tiny Magnetic Pets, David Burke and the lads from Bipolar Empire were in doing session work for the beautiful and talented Shaefri Sadek (Universal).
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