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 Westland Studios Pricing 

(per project / per day / per hour)



 Daily Rate: 

The rate will depend on:

- total number of days

- dates required

- approx. number of hours per day

- with / without engineer

Contact us with this info and we'll get you proper quote (not ballpark) ASAP!


 Hourly Rate:   (for sessions less than a day)

We do a minimum booking of 3 hours, including a professional & experienced engineer for €300. Please don't try to multiply this hourly rate to figure out your budget as we do HUGE discounts for full days and multiple days.

If this is over your budget please contact us for us to recommend cheaper alternatives.


 Per Project: 

Artists can get a discounted "all in" price for their project if they work with a producer such as Alwyn Walker


 Bookings & Cancellations: 

Bookings are secured by paying a 50% deposit.

Deposits can be carried over to subsequent dates under exceptional circumstances.

Cancellations within 5 days will incur a bill of 50% of the total quoted price*

Cancellations within 48 hours will incur a bill of 75% of the total quoted price*

*or the equivalent daily rate for the canceled days





We strongly recommend you use crowdfunding to raise the capital to record a professional product.

Your fans, friends and families probably want to be a part of your music and if they see a proper plan, 

they're more likely to support you.


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